Fixing Grub

Often there is need to repair the GRUB ( GRand Unified Boot ) loader after various operations in linux installations, particularly after installing windows for dual boot or re sizing the root partition of linux. For fixing grub, you need to have a bootable live cd or usb installation of your linux distro or (preferably) […]

Regular expression for email validation

In this post we are sharing a regular expression to validate email address. In this example, we have used jQuery to test the email, however it can be used in php as well ( expression ).

Woocommerce remove additional information

We often encounter a situation where we need to woocommerce remove additional information section from the checkout pages of woocommerce. This can be achieved by using filter provided by woocommerce. This can also be achieved by overriding woccomerce template but the benefit of using filter is that you can use it in your plugins and […]

Rename woocommerce Products label

In this post, we will explore how we can rename the default “Products” label in the woocommerce installation. While doing so, we will have to take care of the fact that our changes are retained after the woocommerce or wordpress is updated and our modification does not cause any problems. Basically the products in woocommerce […]

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