Make hyperlinks in ckeditor open in browser

In this post, we are going to see how we can make hyperlinks in ckeditor clickable. Normally, ckeditor prevents the hyperlinks to open in the edit mode to enable proper formatting. But, sometimes, users may want the links to open in browser. This can be accomplished by following snippet How to make hyperlinks in ckeditor […]

Git src refspec does not match any error

Cloning a branch of a git repository (particularly non master ones) and then pushing your changes to the same can result into this error Resolve src refspec does not match any error This error can be resolved by pushing using following command where <branch-name> is the name of the branch you are pushing to.

How to download a website in linux

To download a website in linux is quite easy process. The inbuilt wget tool can get the job done in a hassle free manner. Moreover, this tool comes with a number of optional parameters to configure the download process. How to download a website in linux To download a website using wget, open terminal and […]

403 error in opensuse while using htaccess files

Configuring url rewriting in apache 2.4 in opensuse might not be that easy after all. First you need to follow these set of instructions. This will work perfectly for older versions of apache. But getting them to work for apache 2.4 might require a bit of extra work. In this post we will discuss how […]

Read doc and docx files in Cake php

This post is intended to provide a reliable way to read the contents of .docx and .doc files. The content can be imported as html and inserted in ckeditor or any other such tool for further processing enabling users to edit the contents and save them. The contents are read from the doc and docx […]

Preview an image before uploding using javascript

While creating html forms, most of us include an input field for uploading files. If the type of file to be uploaded is image, it would be great to allow the site user to preview the image before actual upload. This can be achieved by using javascript’s File reader.   Html markup And the corresponding […]

Install broadcom wireless drivers in Open Suse

Most of the new laptop hardware are supported by opensuse, thanks to increasing collaboration between developers. However, some of the older machines, particularly those having older broadcom chipset struggle to get there wireless device working under linux. This post contains basic instructions about how to Install broadcom wireless drivers in Open Suse 13.2, but should […]

Dynamically make DOM element height equal

Most of the time we encounter a situation where our layout is disturbed due to uneven heights of the divs, spans or other elements having varying amount of content. This causes them to have variable height which in turn results in broken layout. A quick and simple fix for such problem can be adjusting the […]

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