A simple way to encrypt/decrypt data in php

In this post, we will focus on how can we encrypt/decrypt store (text/JSON) using PHP. This may be useful in cases where we need to store and retrieve sensitive data in filesystem instead of a database. We will be seeing only the encryption and decryption portion. The generated content can be saved in file using […]

Eliminate render blocking javascript and defer parsing of js

Why is it important to Eliminate render blocking javascriptYou know your website needs to be fast. Even if the users with slow Internet connection don’t matter much to you, you should consider the speed optimization of your website because it affects your search engine rankings and these rankings obviously reflect on your site’s traffic. One […]

Create extract zip files using php

Uploading and downloading files to and from web servers is a common task in web development environment. This task is simple and straight forward as long as we have to process few files or have cPanel access, in which case we can upload the archived files and extract them on server. However, when we have […]

Read doc and docx files in Cake php

This post is intended to provide a reliable way to read the contents of .docx and .doc files. The content can be imported as html and inserted in ckeditor or any other such tool for further processing enabling users to edit the contents and save them. The contents are read from the doc and docx […]

Regular expression for email validation

In this post we are sharing a regular expression to validate email address. In this example, we have used jQuery to test the email, however it can be used in php as well ( expression ).