WP CLI error “No such file or directory”

A while back, wordpress announced their command line tool – WP CLI. The CLI makes WordPress maintenance quick and easy via terminal commands. WP CLI made few mundane and boring tasks somewhat less boring. Operations like Setting up new WordPress installation on local machine before development, Downloading a fresh copy of WordPress Updating plugins, themes, […]

WordPress file upload with AJAX

In this tutorial we will see how we can achieve wordpress file upload with ajax. The use case is that we want to have a form in frontend that will be accessed by visitors. These visitors will not be authenticated. The form will send all the form data along with the files that are uploaded, […]

Eliminate render blocking javascript and defer parsing of js

Why is it important to Eliminate render blocking javascriptYou know your website needs to be fast. Even if the users with slow Internet connection don’t matter much to you, you should consider the speed optimization of your website because it affects your search engine rankings and these rankings obviously reflect on your site’s traffic. One […]

Reset password email in wordpress

Setting a nice mail template to the outgoing mails from your site is really a great idea. It not only makes the email look better, but also gives a professional touch to the content. However, sending reset password email in wordpress by using html content type is most probably going to land you in trouble […]

Regular expression for email validation

In this post we are sharing a regular expression to validate email address. In this example, we have used jQuery to test the email, however it can be used in php as well ( expression ).

Woocommerce remove additional information

We often encounter a situation where we need to woocommerce remove additional information section from the checkout pages of woocommerce. This can be achieved by using filter provided by woocommerce. This can also be achieved by overriding woccomerce template but the benefit of using filter is that you can use it in your plugins and […]

Rename woocommerce Products label

In this post, we will explore how we can rename the default “Products” label in the woocommerce installation. While doing so, we will have to take care of the fact that our changes are retained after the woocommerce or wordpress is updated and our modification does not cause any problems. Basically the products in woocommerce […]

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