Share files between iPad and Windows PC

The iPad is a great device. It has performance that can put even a computer to shame, it’s got portability, a great travel companion, an awesome battery. On the top of this, you get the premium user experience provided by Apple’s ecosystem. What is not so great about iPad (or other such i-products) is that […]

WP CLI error “No such file or directory”

A while back, wordpress announced their command line tool – WP CLI. The CLI makes WordPress maintenance quick and easy via terminal commands. WP CLI made few mundane and boring tasks somewhat less boring. Operations like Setting up new WordPress installation on local machine before development, Downloading a fresh copy of WordPress Updating plugins, themes, […]

WordPress file upload with AJAX

In this tutorial we will see how we can achieve wordpress file upload with ajax. The use case is that we want to have a form in frontend that will be accessed by visitors. These visitors will not be authenticated. The form will send all the form data along with the files that are uploaded, […]

A simple way to encrypt/decrypt data in php

In this post, we will focus on how can we encrypt/decrypt store (text/JSON) using PHP. This may be useful in cases where we need to store and retrieve sensitive data in filesystem instead of a database. We will be seeing only the encryption and decryption portion. The generated content can be saved in file using […]

Copy to clipboard using javascript without any plugin

Copy to clipboard using javascript, this is the topic that we are going to explore in this post. The solution we will discuss here will use native javascript and no third party tool. As the solution is bare minimum code snippet, it’s browser support will be limited. The way this solution for Copy to clipboard […]

Replace HTML audio tags with jPlayer

In This post we are going to take a look at how we can replace html audio tags with jPlayer. jPlayer is a popular jQuery player that provides consistent interface to play audio and video files in web page. This can be used as an alternative to default HTML5 audio and video tags in case […]

Eliminate render blocking javascript and defer parsing of js

Why is it important to Eliminate render blocking javascriptYou know your website needs to be fast. Even if the users with slow Internet connection don’t matter much to you, you should consider the speed optimization of your website because it affects your search engine rankings and these rankings obviously reflect on your site’s traffic. One […]

Create extract zip files using php

Uploading and downloading files to and from web servers is a common task in web development environment. This task is simple and straight forward as long as we have to process few files or have cPanel access, in which case we can upload the archived files and extract them on server. However, when we have […]

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